Crescore is dedicated to revolutionizing the credit landscape in Nigeria by introducing an innovative credit scoring platform. This platform will empower individuals and businesses to gain better control of their financial health and access to credit. It reports key factors that influence credit scores, such as financial behavior and repayment history.


As the leading force behind Crescore’s mission, Naija Net’s goal is to elevate the credit standards in Nigeria’s financial ecosystem. We aspire for every individual and business in Nigeria to reach a minimum acceptable level of financial responsibility and creditworthiness. Our aim is to enable them to leverage this platform to enhance their financial well-being and positively impact our nation’s economic growth.

Nigeria boasts a vast and diverse population, dispersed across the nation. This geographical spread and demographic diversity necessitate a robust and accessible online solution for credit scoring.

“Crescore recognizes Nigeria’s economic diversity and seeks to provide a consistent and accessible approach to credit scoring,” says Naija Net, a Credit Specialist at Crescore.


Crescore is committed to leading the transformation of credit assessment in Nigeria, setting the pace rather than following it. Our vision extends beyond establishing the foundation for credit scoring; we aim to empower individuals and businesses to stay current and responsive to evolving financial needs.

“We have full confidence in Crescore’s ability to deliver exceptional content and a global certification standard that aligns with our mission,” emphasizes Naija Net.

Crescore has strategically implemented a user-friendly credit scoring platform, optimized for online learning. Leveraging our existing learning management system, we have ensured that our user base is already accustomed to the benefits of online learning. Our collaboration with Crescore has allowed us to tailor content that addresses the unique needs of our users.

To initiate this transformative journey, Crescore partnered with Naija Net to provide access to 15 specialized modules. These modules encompass a comprehensive range of topics, offering our users the opportunity to explore both fundamental and specialized aspects of credit scoring.


The collaborative efforts of Crescore and Naija Net resulted in the successful integration of core modules and content into our online learning platform. This seamless integration has enabled our diverse and widespread user base to embark on a collective journey of financial empowerment.

Crescore’s commitment to this initiative has been reinforced by creative promotional campaigns, including e-flyers and newsletters. These campaigns have effectively raised awareness and fostered enthusiasm among our users. Today, our platform continues to certify individuals and businesses, empowering them to unleash their full financial potential.

“Our partnership with Crescore has been an incredibly positive and constructive one. We value their feedback and consider their unique requirements a priority,” concludes Naija Net, reflecting on the remarkable journey toward reshaping Nigeria’s credit landscape.